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A nail, a metal bed spring, a lighter, a rusty teaspoon, a knife, a piece of cable, razor blades, a needle.

All these objects are part of the prison medical archives in Lodz, Poland and all were used for self mutilation by prisoners. The nail was hammered to someone's head, the spring was swallowed, the razor was used to cut oneself and then was swallowed as well.

Boredom, frustration, and powerlessness create a lot of aggression, and for many prisoners, the only way to let this accumulated aggression out (with impunity) is by self-injurious acts.

Some prisoners do this because of emotional disorders, others, in order to demand something from the administration (i.e. an extra visitation day) or simply to spend some time in a medical ward. In the reality of prison, a metal engraved tea spoon can be a ticket to changing one's setting from a cell bunk to a hospital bed. One just has to swallow it..

This series is a part of an ongoing project focusing on life in prison and people's relation to this specific environment.

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