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Every day there are people coming to LA with the hope of starting anew and finding fulfillment. Some want to reinvent themselves, others seek freedom, a career, a fresh start, or simply perfect weather. The promised land is perceived as full of possibilities that do not exist back home. The idea of LA as a city where dreams come true has been passed on for many decades now.

There are indeed those who make it, but walking around the city, one can't help but notice the ones that failed. When the idea of their perfect life starts to break apart, they try to glue it back together, to conceal the cracks. Having reached the place that is supposed to bring you happiness, they can't simply leave. The city keeps them on a leash, offering them a faint spark of hope.

Only a few have the strength to break free and manage to leave. Others fade away and become part of the city landscape, collateral damage of the promised land.


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