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"Do You know that You can walk from the United States to Hawaii? There is a path made of pink jelly on the ocean. I slept on it."

Many of the homeless on the streets of Los Angeles have lost touch with reality, and live to a large extent within their own mind. They live in a parallel world, a self-contained reality that coexists with ours, and yet retains a distinct almost otherworldly quality. They can be found talking to themselves, shouting, or, on the contrary, being unresponsive, almost catatonic. Even when they have to be at least somewhat grounded in reality in order to find food and shelter and protect their belongings, one senses that they are still stuck deep in their imaginary realm.

I talked to many people, hearing their stories, interrupting their loneliness for the duration of a short conversation. I hope to talk to even more in the future. Sometimes I couldn’t tell what was true or made up, but even so, I felt that it was important to document this in my own way.


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