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Prisoners function in a monotonous world. Their surroundings do not change. This is a world with a limited number of stimuli. As Erving Goffman states in his "Characteristics of Social Instutions": "A basic social arrangement in modern society is that we tend to sleep, play and work in different places, in each case with a different set of co-participants. In prison, all aspects of life are conducted in the same place and under the same single authority. Each phase of the member's daily activity will be carried out in the immediate company of a large batch of others and required to do the same thing together".

My visits to these prisons challenge my perception of how we view the world. In prison inmates try to transplant reality from the outside to prison conditions. Common objects are often reinvented in a new context, changing their original purpose. A piece of string hung on a wall marks someone’s personal space, making reality less harsh.

This project was started while I was in the Sputnik Photos Mentorship Program.

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